Medical furniture design combined with ergonomics

  Today, shandong country hospital furniture manufacturers introduce the design of medical furniture and the combination of human body engineering, then emphasize “people-oriented”, pay attention to all human services. To attach importance to people’s basic necessities, we should start from people’s own and consider other factors under the premise of people-oriented. Furniture itself is human use, accordingly, in furniture design, measure, modelling, color shadow and decorate means should accord with the activity rule of each place of human body physiology, psychology measure and human body, in order to realize safety, practical, convenient, comfortable, beautiful. Here’s a look!
  Medical furniture design combined with ergonomics
  The application of ergonomics technology in furniture design focuses on the physiological and psychological reaction of human body in the process of furniture use, and carries on scientific experiment and measurement to it, and provides scientific basis for furniture design on the basis of a lot of analysis. At the same time, people’s work, study, rest and other living behavior decomposition into all kinds of posture mode, with people’s standing, sitting, lying as the basis, the design of furniture was studied, and the basic size of furniture was adjusted.
  Specifically, in the design of furniture scale, the height of the table and the design of the table is based on the human body. Table, table, seat and other furniture, such as table, table, seat, etc., should be subject to the benchmarking point; Bed, sofa bed, couch and other bedclothes shall be subject to the base point of recumbent position. For example, the design of seat height is based on the ischial tuberosity. The height is usually 390V420mm, and the height is usually 390V420mm. Due to the height below 380mm, people’s knees will bend, making people feel uncomfortable and it is difficult to stand up. When the height is higher than 50mm, the body pressure is distributed to the thigh, resulting in pressure on the inner thigh and swelling of the lower leg.
  Additional, seat face is wide, deep, incline, back of a chair curved degree all considered the measure of human body and each part motion rule adequately. The respect such as the flexibility design of the height of the depth design of ambry furniture, mesa and space of capacity leg, mattess also all without exception with artificial main body, set out from the person’s physiological demand. Because of the particularity of medical furniture, the application of ergonomics is particularly important.
  The above is the shandong country king hospital furniture manufacturer for you to introduce the combination of medical furniture design and ergonomics, I hope to help you!
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