Maintenance of stainless steel wardrobe

Stainless steel wardrobe – advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel wardrobe

1, stainless steel wardrobe advantages: good waterproof performance of stainless steel wardrobe is good, durable, environmental protection, moistureproof, mildew proof, rust proof, diverse styles, special planning.

2, stainless steel wardrobe shortcomings: material constraints, thin cabinet, practicability is not strong. Simply leave traces of soap, shampoo, stainless steel simply darkened, lose the original luster.

Stainless steel wardrobe – stainless steel wardrobe maintenance skills

1, stainless steel wardrobe in the transfer, should be gently lifted gently, not hard delay; When placed, the ground is uneven, should be the leg pad solid;

2, do not put in the sun exposure stainless steel wardrobe, also do not fire in the boring place, in the place suitable for ventilation;

3, often use soft cloth for stainless steel chest dust, dust before, soft cloth with a point of spray cleaning agent, do not wipe with dry cloth;

4, stainless steel wardrobe has cracks, can be mixed with paint and pigment embedded block flat, in order to maintain long-term good, but putty and pigment and original pigment color common, to avoid leaving scars:

(1) burn marks: fireworks in the stainless steel chest surface left scorch marks, if the paint is burned, can pack a layer of fine grain hard cloth on the toothpick, quietly wipe marks, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch marks can be eliminated;

(2) hot marks: stainless steel chest with white hot marks, generally as long as alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth can be wiped moisture-proof plate stainless steel wardrobe;

(3) water stains: with a wet cloth cover on the stainless steel chest marks, with the hot bucket careful press wet cloth, marks can disappear;

(4) abrasion: stainless steel chest paint abrasion, did not touch the wood under the paint, with the same color of the cabinet crayon or paint, in the cabinet wound modification, to cover up the exposure.

5, regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, with a layer of wax wax for stainless steel wardrobe:

(1) remove the watermark: with clean absorbent paper shop on the stainless steel cabinet surface of the water mark, with heating iron weight on the above, can also be used toothpaste, wipe dry, waxing in the future;

(2) Removal of white imprint: coated with a cloth soot and lemon juice mixture daub, dry after waxing.

The above is xiaobian about the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel wardrobe and the introduction of maintenance methods, I think we must have some understanding about stainless steel wardrobe after reading it. The maintenance of stainless steel wardrobe is more trouble, but it also has many advantages that wooden wardrobe does not have. If you want to buy, you must choose a good stainless steel wardrobe.

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