If the elderly furniture manufacturers design configuration more in line with the elderly

  Compared with China, Europe, The United States, Japan and other countries that have rich experience in aging have become mature in the concept design and production of suitable for aging furniture, such as inclusive design, barrier-free design, universal design, etc., which is more suitable for the elderly.
  (1) Design suitable for aging based on the actual needs and physiological and psychological conditions of the elderly. Of furniture of old people place should consider the way of old person activity and corresponding dimension, if use wheelchair or the old person that old age helps drive, put apart enough mobile space. On material choice, if the material of armrest material appropriate chooses the surface should not be too smooth, hold the woodiness material with mild feeling, at the same time the direction of armrest end should face the ground, in case hooks up old man clothes to cause fall. As the eyesight of the old person drops, of furniture put and design still should suit old person to recognize, be like furniture color unfavorable and ground or metope color too close, prevent old person to recognize the boundary of unclear furniture, furniture unfavorable choose fine, fragmentary, complex grain appearance, prevent old person to regard grain appearance as foreign body.
  (2) Furniture for the elderly should be diversified. Some pension institutions simplify the daily activities of the elderly. At the same time, due to factors such as procurement cost, unified management and so-called standardization, only one or two forms of furniture are used in the institutions, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the physical and mental health of the elderly. The old people timely change posture is more conducive to the physical health of the old people, at the same time, let the old people have the opportunity to choose the place to stay and personal preference location, interpersonal communication and psychological health of the old people are beneficial.
  (3) Pay attention to creating a comfortable atmosphere. Visual degeneration makes the illumination that the elderly need is twice that of the young. The bright and warm space is beneficial to the elderly mood to maintain stability. If the color and material of furniture are deep, it is not conducive to creating a warm atmosphere, and the design style of furniture for the elderly is not suitable for too solemn, so as not to produce a depressing feeling. The design of furniture manufacturers for the elderly should be biased to warm colors, and the appropriate use of soft elements such as cloth art, while taking into account safety and comfort.

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