Identification method of artificial stone

The hospital shall strictly prohibit the use of products with calcium carbonate when formulating procurement standards for artificial stone products. How to identify the true and false of artificial stone, in addition to scientific detection methods, there are the following identification experience for reference.

A, look: visual sample color pure not turbidities, permeability is good, the surface without similar plastic colloid sense, plate without small pores on the opposite side.

Two, smell: nose smell no pungent chemical smell.

Three, touch: touch the sample surface has a sense of silk, no astringency, no obvious uneven feeling, this method can identify the use of aluminum hydroxide, or the use of calcium carbonate.

Four, scratch: with the nail scratch plate surface, no obvious scratches.

Five, test: can use soy sauce to test the permeability of artificial stone; Use vinegar to test whether to add calcium carbonate; Use lighter burning table sample, can not afford open fire, resin content is higher table no taste.

Six, check: check whether the product has product system certification, environmental protection mark certification, quality inspection report, whether there is a product quality assurance card and related anti-counterfeit marks.

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