How to clean laboratory furniture

    How to clean laboratory furniture

 Equipment maintenance and maintenance of the instrument used in the experiment, the production of pivotal part of instrument once adsorption dust, dirt, not only affect the performance of the instrument, shorten service life, directly influence the experimental effect, but also affect beautiful and the experimenter’s physical and mental health. Therefore, dust removal and cleaning is the main maintenance of the instrument.

The method that clears dirt is very much, basically should depend on the condition of dirt adhesion surface and the degree that dirt adhesion and decide. In dry air, if the dust less or dust has not been damp formed a spot, dry cloth can be used to wipe, towel duster brush, soft brush brush and other methods, remove the dust on the general instrument; Dust on the inside of the instrument can be picked up by the peeler, the ear ball type pump blowing dust, can also be vacuumed; The dust in diagonal and seam can combine the above methods to remove dust.

Dust is the tiny dust particle that contains microstatic electricity more, often float in air, move with airflow, encounter thing clings to its on, almost all-pervasive. Dust attached to the model specimen will affect its color, dust on moving parts will increase wear, dust on electrical appliances, serious will cause short circuit, leakage, expensive precision instruments have dust, serious will make the instrument scrapped.

However, for expensive precision instruments, such as optical instruments, meter head, the method of dust removal will also damage the instrument, at this time should use special dust removal tools, such as lens paper wipe, cotton ball with alcohol wipe.

In the humid air, dust has formed a scale block, dust removal should use a wet cloth wipe, diagonal, seam ash can be removed with a sharpened soft strip, and then try to wipe with a wet cloth, but the color of the surface, electrical appliances should not use wet cloth wipe. If the ash is not easy to wipe clean, you can use cotton balls with alcohol for wiping, or cleaning.

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