Hospital Wallboard | Hang Wallboard

  1, green environmental protection
  The hospital belongs to the special people place, the decoration plate requirements are higher, and the wall board uses non-combustible material calcium silicate board as the base material, through a unique manufacturing method to create, without adding asbestos ingredients, does not contain radioactive elements, such as benzene, formaldehyde and so on, greatly protect the hospital’s clean and antibacterial environment.
  2. Good quality and cheap price
  The cost of hospital wallboard is lower than that of natural stone and large ceramic tile, which is very suitable for hospital decoration.
  3, antibacterial performance.
  Hospitals need to be disinfected and cleaned every day, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and even lead to bacterial infection, so pay attention to antibacterial properties when selecting plates. And the wall board of the hospital is coated with antibacterial coating, which has a very good effect against static pollution and prevent cross infection. It is not easy to adhere to dust, so bacteria is not easy to reproduce.
  Wet disinfection can be carried out directly. Aaa quality assurance is the customer’s only choice.
  4, high wear resistance
  Hospital wall board has rich color, impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, moth resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no bacteria, anti-static, easy to clean, green
  Color environmental performance, fully in line with national standards, especially in impact resistance and antibacterial more excellent.
  5, no pollution
  Its itself does not produce dust, so in the construction process can achieve dust-free construction, effectively avoid or reduce the secondary pollution of air conditioning pipeline, reduce the difficulty of secondary dust removal.
  6. Bearing performance
  Hospital wall panels have powerful load-bearing properties that allow the installation of common hospital equipment on the wall, such as equipment belts, central oxygen systems, and fixed blood pressure
  Meter, central spray disinfection system, etc., greatly increase the convenience of medical staff.

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