Hospital Wall Board Material | Hospital Wall Panel Characteristics

  Hanging wall board is the new-style adornment wall material that develops in recent years, cent is used indoors with outdoor use two kinds. Is made of thermosetting resin base material, mixed with wood fiber strengthening, polymerization under high temperature and high pressure plane plate. Through special technical treatment, the surface of the plate and the inner core together as a – body melamine decorative surface layer.
  One, hanging wall board material
  Anti-times special hanging wall board: it is 4mm-12mm high density solid core anti-times special or art board fixed on the wall through the metal frame, long service life, with antibacterial, fire, impact resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and other excellent performance, Widely used in hospitals, office buildings, hotels, clubs, KTV, schools, kindergartens, railway stations, subways, airports, gyms and other long-term use of antibacterial, fire prevention and environmental protection requirements of the occasion;
HPL boards - High Pressure Laminate sheets
  PVC hanging board: relatively light color rich acid, alkali and salt resistance and a little energy saving heat preservation effect, the service life is relatively high, more popular in European and American countries;
  Real wood hangs board: relatively lighter, through moistureproof anticorrosive processing gives a person a kind of natural primitive beauty, the faint scent that has real wood suits to use indoors.
  Two, hanging wall board characteristics
  1. Moisture-proof and waterproof, not easy to mold or rust; Not easy to deform;
  2. Impact resistance, hair resistance and wear resistance;
  3. Easy to clean, no dust, no dust accumulation, can use general detergent or disinfectant for cleaning, to achieve a clean effect;
  4. Safety and environmental protection, follow the safety performance of the product and the key to human health;
  5. Fire prevention, comply with the national fire protection B2 standard requirements;
  6. Acid and alkali resistance to corrosion;
  7. Oxidation resistance, after high temperature and high pressure treatment, there will be no chemical reaction for acid and alkali like.

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