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In choosing hospital office furniture, office furniture to observe hospital plate surface whether there come unglued peeling, glue marks, bubbling, indentation, scratch defect, if it is solid wood office furniture, to observe whether the wood grain pattern is natural, don’t feel too make artificially, and for some symmetrical hospital office furniture, Want to pay more attention to the harmony of its colour grain and consistency, let a person feel symmetrical plate is to be due to on same lumber. So in addition to the selection of medical office furniture, what else? Next¬† will introduce you in detail to help you choose satisfactory hospital office furniture.

Generally speaking, the production measurement of hospital office furniture, as long as it is to see its panel decoration quality, material quality, plate port quality generally speaking, the material technology of the plate should achieve such precision requirements within 0.1 mm per meter, the plate ice is often relatively smooth, the Angle is very good, Since the hospital office furniture the phenomenon of sheet is not prone to tilt, and basically is to see the surface and edge decoration decoration parts coating technique on whether can achieve the colloid, and the door with the points of the drawer seam is, the phenomenon of the clearance is too large, generally doors and drawer aperture requirement between a mm to 2 mm, at the same time in the hospital, office furniture, The opening of the door empty drawer must be flexible when pushing and pulling.

In hospital, office furniture, hardware accessories for the value of the percentage of 5%, but its operation comfort is accounted for 85%, this is enough to illustrate the office furniture hardware accessories in hospital of position, the slide rail and hinge use frequency is taller, so the more important, the damping technology has been widely used, Into the field of slides and hinges for office furniture hardware fittings in hospitals.

Before purchase, the size and area of the hospital office should be measured to make the size of the furniture consistent with the area and height of the office, so as to prevent the hospital office furniture from failing to meet the needs after construction. Hospital office furniture is not a consumption, in the purchase should confront the principle of “rather short than superfluity”, can not fill the hospital office, according to the use of the demand to buy, and the hospital office furniture placed in the area should not exceed 50% of the indoor area is better.

The hospital office furniture must be of high quality, worthy of the name, robust and reliable. If pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its water content can not exceed 12 %, try to buy mortise joint structure rather than nail gun system. Hospital office furniture must be straight, diagonal lines must be consistent, the floor should be smooth, hardware should be strong, and doors and drawers should be opened sensitively. The appearance of leather hospital office furniture must be smooth, no bubbles, no cracking, jointing and so on.

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