Hospital nurse station how to do insect control work?

  Every year in the winter comes, spring nor, hospital nurse station, cure the hospital furniture such as ark of insects also accompanied by activity, especially wooden furniture, is also the moth growing “cave”, this is because the wooden with cnooc colorful methyl cellulose, lignin and its ingredients, such as body fat, sugar, protein, This ingredient is borers, white ants and other pests must nutrition health care products.
  Cushion on hospital furniture such as hospital nurse station maintains soft film smallpox, in case the surface of furniture suffers damage, if the surface has scratch, can look for specialized staff to carry out repair, the bottom end of furniture should be placed leather cushion waterproof, prevent furniture from being damaged in the whole process of moving back and forth.
  There is no need to drag when moving furniture to prevent damage caused by uneven bearing force of furniture. Clean and soft raw materials should be used in the process of scrubbing hospital furniture. Rubbing onto furniture without water mist and picture watermarks is better.
  Hospital nurses station also need to do maintenance and cleaning maintenance on time, the general situation is not easy to moth, once the hospital furniture moth, we first remove the objects in the furniture, can not be cleaned up on the sun to dry.
  The furniture that gives birth to an insect should apply disinfectant to swab ceaselessly a few times, after waiting for swab and neat, complete nature ventilated dry impetuous ability goes. If there is a standard, after buying hospital furniture, you can also brush a layer of water-based paint on the surface of the wood board without paint in the furniture, which can not only improve the sense of layering of the furniture, but also prevent insects. It is perfect.

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