Hospital hanging cabinet | Medicalcabinet

What is a hospital suspension cabinet? Hospital hanging cabinet and household hanging cabinet is a little different, its English is (Medicalcabinet), refers to the hospital specific department set inside the upper storage space, wall cabinet, hanging cabinet wood products processed by the factory finished products or semi-finished products, wood moisture content shall not exceed 12%. The type and quality of the processed frame and fan shall be checked when entering the field, and the product certificate shall be obtained. Other materials: preservative, bolt, wood screw, handle, lock, touch bead, hinge according to the design requirements of the variety, specifications.

Structural material of hospital hanging cabinet

1. The conditions for the installation of wall cabinets and hanging cabinets have been met in the structural engineering and the construction of wall cabinets and hanging cabinets, and the indoor elevation has been horizontal.

2. Cabinet frame, fan in time after entering the processed products against the wall, paste the ground, the top surface should be coated with anti-corrosion paint, other surfaces should be coated with the bottom oil, and then put in classification, should be flat, the bottom pad flat, ventilation, generally should not be open storage.

3. The frame and fan of the wall cabinet and hanging cabinet should be checked before installation for channeling Angle, warping, bending and wall cracking. If there are above defects, they should be repaired and assembled after being qualified. The steel frame of the hanging cabinet should be checked for specifications, and the deformation should be corrected and qualified for installation.

4. The frame installation of wall cabinets and hanging cabinets should be carried out before plastering; Installation of fans should be carried out after plastering.

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