hospital furniture | nurse’s station

The following let the national landscape xiaobian to introduce the types of hospital furniture, our common hospital has a nurse’s station, consultation table, consulting room tables and chairs, waiting chairs, conference room tables and chairs, disposal cabinets, closets, shoe cabinets and medical beds and so on. These are all necessary hospital furniture in the hospital, let us have a look.

The common hospital furniture in the hospital is tables and chairs, no matter where you can see, such as consulting room tables and chairs, waiting chairs, conference room tables and chairs, infusion chairs, ward tables and chairs and so on, we all know that the main role of tables and chairs is to provide rest, so that people can sit and wait and rest.

It is sickbed next, sickbed basically is to provide rest for the patient, this two kinds of hospital furniture is the hospital common furniture, hospital furniture still has medicine cabinet besides these (Chinese and western medicine cabinet), functional department furniture (operating room. Laboratory.) , ward furniture (VIP ward furniture), examination department furniture, oral room furniture, ent furniture, baby room furniture, sewage room furniture (classification of sewage cabinet. Garbage sorting cabinet), supply center furniture, medical hanging cabinet, medical floor cabinet, locker room furniture (medical locker. Shoe cabinet), medical function table and so on, the main purpose is to facilitate medical staff and people to the hospital, the larger characteristics of hospital furniture is easy to clean, antibacterial, corrosion resistance and so on.

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