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Office Sofas – Office Couches Ideal for Guests or Visitors

Are you looking for comfortable seating for patients or clients? Shop our selection of office sofas, also known as reception area couches, that provide your guests with support and cushion for those potentially lengthy waits.

Caregiver Workstations

The optimal design of nurse and caregiver work areas supports work flow processes, staff circulation and task sequencing. Knoll offers a variety of furnishings that can help physicians, nurses and therapists work efficiently and effectively so they can focus on what they do best—caring for patients.

Reception and Patient Registration

Reception and registration are the first touch points patients and their families have with a facility. The most successful spaces showcase the facility’s brand, provide displays for clear communication, help with wayfinding and offer comforts and conveniences like access to power for personal technology.


Labs require high performance products that are easily cleaned, especially durable and adapt over time. Ergonomic task seating paired with standing-height or height-adjustable table solutions promote a healthful work environment for physicians, staff and students.

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