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In the layout design of medical furniture, the structure, size and position of the furniture should be decided mainly according to the activity rules of people and the behavior habits of doctors in the process of diagnosis and treatment. This should not only meet the basic requirements of human health and aesthetics, but also meet the scope of users’ activities and meet the specialty of medical process. Therefore, medical furniture configuration plays a very important role in the field of hospital architectural design in patients’ medical experience.

For the maintenance of hospital furniture, the correct way to do it?

First of all, the furniture to suspend clean remaining, must be sure to use the cloth can be clean. When cleaning or dusting, be sure to turn over or change a clean cloth to use again. Do not be lazy and repeatedly use once dirty that side, can make dirt repeats in furniture appearance friction only so, can damage the bright surface layer of furniture instead. Maintain brightness want to maintain the original brightness of furniture, there are two kinds of furniture maintenance products: furniture care spray wax and cleaning care agent. Before the use of care spray wax and cleaning care agent, it is best to shake it well, and then hold the spray can directly, and then spray it quietly in the middle of the dry cloth at an interval of about 15 cm. Then wipe the furniture, it can play a very good cleaning and care effect.

Cleaning in addition, after using the rag, remember to wash and dry. As to the furniture that contains cloth qualitative material, be like cloth art sofa, recreational cushion for leaning on, can apply the cleanness of clean carpet to maintain agent. When using, dust is sucked with vacuum cleaner first divide, gush carpet cleaner a few again on wet cloth wipe can. In daily life, hospital users often need to carry out some simple cleaning of hospital furniture, so as to ensure the permanence of office desks and chairs used for their seats.

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