Hospital furniture | medical cabinets

Hospital furniture basically needs to use medical cabinets, and customized medical cabinets are almost what every hospital needs to do. Then, how to determine whether the medical cabinets are firmly installed? Below, we will know about it from several aspects:

1. Consider raw materials

The material of medical cabinet is generally divided into steel and wooden bed. Generally speaking, in order to moistureproof, steel is chosen more, and from the point of view of the firm degree of material, the firm degree of steel purchase is certainly higher than that of wooden bed, and the material of metal bed is also diverse

2. Judging from the sound

If steel cabinet quality is not good or bad installation of the case, you are in the cabinet a little do some of the movement of shaking, cabinet is to be able to give out, squeak squeak sound, sound is also very annoying, wooden structure is the same, if the bed is not strong, a little movement is to be able to give out sound.

3, distinguish from the installation Angle

Steel cabinet is different from the wooden cabinet, wooden bed because of material itself, compared with the metal bed is easy to crack, so, in the installation of cabinet put oneself in another’s position, be sure to distinguish between good cabinet cabinet put oneself in another’s position, installation is firm, whether there is the phenomenon of instability, whether some cracking phenomenon, cabinet put oneself in another’s position of the internal and external are examined

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