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What is the importance of hospital furniture guide table? At present, some large hospitals have been fully configured, but some specialized hospitals or hospitals in small areas do not pay attention to this issue, so they do not know its importance. Hospital office furniture manufacturers said that although there is no hospital guide table will not cause the difference in pattern, but the experience of patients is much worse, let’s first understand the problems caused by the guide table:

Number one: there is no entrance desk.

In order to save expenses, it is also possible that space is insufficient, the hospital does not pay attention to the construction of the guide table, so it is considered to be dispensable, and it is not set up in the hall.

Second, the medical guide table is practically empty.

Do not exclude the emergence of only to meet the requirements of modern hospital construction and set up a guide table, but do not set up personnel guard. When a patient asks for help, there is no one to turn to.

Third, the personnel are not professional.

In the case of unreasonable personnel allocation, the staff on the guide table do not have professional medical knowledge, but general service staff. Although familiar with the location of each department, but do not understand the classification of symptoms, patients can not correctly guide the department, resulting in a delay in medical treatment.

Fourth: the attitude of medical guide is not positive and bad

Some patients may be nervous when entering the hospital, and do not know the role of the guide table. They are reluctant to come forward to inquire when they see some service staff, while some guide staff may not be willing to actively greet and inquire, just waiting for the patients to come forward. Medical guide not only has the role of guidance, but also has the role of pacifying patients’ emotions.

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