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  At present, the Chinese medical system is gradually improving, the word ergonomics has begun to appear more and more frequently in people’s eyes. With the passage of time, its practicality has been put forward higher requirements. Ergonomics should also naturally go along with the trend and take the initiative to improve and optimize itself in combination with the deepening development trend and actual situation of the aging society, so as to become a project that can better meet the needs of the aging group in all aspects and help the personalized upgrade of hospital furniture.
  Human body engineering has always been through the integration of “character environment”, the care and warmth of the hospital, subtle transfer to the hands of stolen patients. The environment is made up of things, and uneasy feelings can be alleviated by environmental factors. However, the existing facilities, although improved in accordance with ergonomic principles, are considered according to the standard of the average adult, without taking into account the actual situation of the elderly.
  According to the research of nursing home hospital furniture scholars, the physical condition of the elderly can be divided into three categories: one is completely self-care; One is partial self-care, also known as “assisting the elderly”; There is also the elderly, whose lives are entirely dependent on the care of others. That is to say, even for the furniture design of aging groups, the specific details should be classified and discussed. Experts say the elderly have the most complex needs: on the one hand, they need electronic devices and medical furniture; On the other hand, they have high self-esteem and are preoccupied with avoiding the fact that some parts of their body are functioning less, expecting to achieve free movement on their own.
  People often say “old child”, from the point of view of psychology, the old man is an adult with “childlike innocence”. Therefore, in the design of medical furniture, we should not only take into account the physiological and psychological needs of the elderly, but also deliberately show the so-called “humanization”, which is contrary to the patient’s self-consciousness of insisting on “I can”, and more likely to stimulate the patient’s sense of rejection and rebellious psychology; On the contrary, it is both practical and acceptable to give thoughtful care without realizing it.
  Therefore, in the design of hospital furniture, we should focus on the whole to part, from universality to individuality, and fully consider everything, including the physical condition, arm lifting ability, psychological acceptance, physiological response changes and so on.

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