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The purchase of appropriate hospital furniture can improve the comfort of patients’ treatment and relieve some of the inconvenience of patients. Hospital furniture also determines the safety of hospital staff and improves the work efficiency of hospital staff. Then, when buying hospital furniture, what misunderstandings will hinder the purchase?

Mistakes when buying hospital furniture:

The worse 1. The lower the price, the price is the more expensive the better, the quality of what price on behalf of, such understanding is wrong, the hospital furniture of choose and buy not alone can decide the quality of the price, also is not the cheaper the more bad, some cheap hospital furniture quality is guaranteed but because the use of material is lightweight, processing is not very difficult, That’s why it’s so cheap.

2. In order to save costs, we do not buy high-quality brand hospital furniture from reputable manufacturers. However, not only brand manufacturers can have high-quality hospital furniture, but brand manufacturers can ensure that the hospitals you buy have relevant safety testing and quality guarantee.

3. The purchased hospital furniture is brightly colored, which can change the image of the hospital, but it does not take into account the fact that such brightly colored furniture may often exceed the standard of formaldehyde. When buying, it does not pay attention to whether the smell is strong, which is the basic method to detect whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard.

These are the pitfalls of buying hospital furniture. The hospital can pay attention to these mistakes when buying hospital furniture, which means that the hospital is people-oriented and has the role of improving the image of the hospital.

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