Hall reception desk, desk, nurse station design characteristics

  The guiding work includes consultation, accompanying, sending, communication and coordination, assisting in rescuing critically ill patients, providing boiled water, distributing disposable cups, conducting examinations for patients with mobility difficulties and inpatients, providing free wheelchairs, flat carts, distributing various newspapers, health education materials and department profiles; Leading examining table is a convenient service measures such as needle, scissors, and all these things are small, but is ready to provide great convenience for patients, making patients feel the warmth of home general, a large extent, anxious mood, which increases the favor and trust of hospital, do not will affect the evaluation of hospital patients, and thus the overall service image of destruction of the hospital. The guide desk and reception desk are the facade of the hospital, an important part of the whole medical space, and represent the overall service of the hospital.
  1. Design concept
  In view of the circular structure at the top of the clinic hall, the structure of our service desk is square, adopting the design principle of “round sky and round place” commonly used in traditional Chinese architecture. Taoism believes that: “Round sky” in mind can only be accessible; “Local” things should be rigorous and methodical. Such design collocation also implies that the hospital service is careful and thoughtful, meticulous work. Round corners of furniture edges (including the design of clinic furniture) to avoid sharp corners or sharp corners harming patients. Even in pursuit of style and shape, arc transition processing will be carried out at the corners to prevent collision from causing harm to the human body and provide a safe medical environment.
  2, safety design reflects
  The overall shape of the service desk in the hall adopts the square high and low platform design according to the ergonomics. The high platform part can not only block the computer working area, but also facilitate patients to fill in documents. The low platform part is the zero distance reception area, allowing patients to feel the professional q&A and kind care of the nursing staff in the first time. Main body corner office all uses arc craft to transfer processing, prevent accidental knock against to cause the harm to human body, kick crural part did inside shrink processing according to human body engineering. The electric gate is set at the passage to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering and leaving the working area at will, and also ensure the safety of medical staff.
  3. Functional design
  Meet medical functional needs. Medical furniture users are mainly divided into two parts, one is doctors and nurses and other staff, and the other is patients.
  The nurse station can customize the printing cabinet, pumping cabinet, main cabinet, case cabinet, file cabinet, bill rack and other medical furniture according to the needs of the hospital. The nurse station in the hall has hidden cable trough, socket cable box on the stage and off the stage, with maintenance door, convenient maintenance. The hospital has a large flow of people, and the shape design of the island makes it possible to look around, which improves the service efficiency and enhances the patient’s medical experience. Waiting seats (children’s rest area) soft seat design, taking into account the need for parents to take care of children, accompany children. Blue is a symbol of beauty, quiet, rational, calm and clean, the station body with sky blue ribbon and warm color lamp belt, make the cold nurse station immediately become vivid, conducive to the patient’s calm and serene mood.
  4, beautiful design reflects
  Medical furniture is not only functional, safe and practical, but also aesthetic. The design of hospital furniture should consider the overall style, color collocation and so on to maintain unity. Rich color collocation helps relieve parents and children’s fear of the hospital. The second style is mainly arc shape, circular high and low platform combination. Color matching with milky white as the main tone, to be decorated with the attributes of each ward color and some small decorations, there is no lack of smart. Gynecology, obstetrics reception desk is mainly arc shape, such shape not only avoids edges and corners, but also gives a soft and beautiful feeling.

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