Ground cabinet maintenance tips

Ground ark is divided for ark of corner ground, solid wood commonly ark, waterproof model ground ark, fireproof model ground ark, anticorrosion model ground ark. Among them, waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosion cabinets are classified as medical cabinets, that is, hospital cabinets. Floor cabinet series products are mainly used in hospital dispensing room, treatment room, disposal room and so on. From the functional division design must consider the level classification of clean and dirty articles, emphasizing the prevention of cross infection, fundamentally to provide safe and clean use environment for users.

1, the cabinet in use, to be placed in a fixed place, the hospital cabinet do not randomly move back and forth, put things, to take gently, avoid collision, move to promote the bottom consignment behavior;

2, wipe the dirt on the floor cabinet, can use gasoline or alcohol and other organic solvents, it is best to use the market to sell glass cleaning agent, do not use hard things grinding scraping;

3, the cabinet is placed, to avoid moisture, away from the stove, to isolate acid, alkali and other chemical reagents, to prevent corrosion and deterioration;

4. When transporting the ground cabinet, the casters on the bottom bracket should be fixed to prevent sliding damage. When handling, the casters should be kept stable and the tilt Angle should not be too large.

5, do not arbitrarily remove, the cabinet on the combination of buckle rubber strip and other parts.

6, do not put acid, alkali corrosion substances on the table, do not let go of water, aluminum pot, hot iron, etc..

7. The ground for placing medical furniture must be kept flat and the four legs should land evenly, especially for chairs. Attention should be paid to the degree of uniform force on the four legs.

8, desktop stain treatment method can be soft cloth stained with stain removal oil wipe, can restore bright as new, especially tape marks sticky, not easy to wipe, stain removal oil is the best detergent, but it is not good for the skin, should avoid long-term contact.

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