Ergonomics of solid wood furniture

Ergonomics of solid wood furniture

Low furniture is popular on the market now, even the furniture advertisement on fashionable magazine, also is to publicize a few short desk sofa a few short more, in order to reflect its distinctive individual character and fashionable style. But do you know, although a lot of low furniture is fashionable and distinctive, but height is unreasonable, use for a long time the vertebra that affects the body very easily, lumbar, cervical vertebra, vision, shoulder elbow, knee and leg joint, buried hidden trouble of a lot of diseases.

When standing, open your hands so that the distance between the palms of your hands and the floor is the best height for your table. If the table is too short, the upper body will involuntarily lie on the table, the head will follow the low, long-term bending low, spine, waist, neck is easy to pain and fatigue, serious even cause spinal disease, lumbar muscle strain, cervical spondylosis and other diseases.

The height difference between desk and chair is 280mm – 300mm, the height below writing desk is not less than 580mm, the width is not less than 520mm. If you sit on a chair with your feet flat, your thighs are parallel to the floor and your calves are basically perpendicular to the floor, then the chair height is appropriate. Chair is too close to the ground, people sit on it, it is difficult to straighten the legs, lower limbs in a state of bending, leg joints can not relax, for a long time, legs, waist and arms are very easy to fatigue, may lead to the occurrence of some waist diseases and arthritis.

440mm is the healthy height (measured by the height of the bedding surface above the ground). Whether bed edge height is appropriate basically sees the height of user knee. When nature sits, double foot towers above the ground 1, 2 centimeters can. If the edge of the bed is too low, the legs can’t relax naturally when sitting on the edge of the bed, and over time, the nerves in the legs can get pinched. Bed surface is easy to be affected with damp, the person is in morpheus, also can inhale a few ground dust.

The width of the sofa seat is not less than 480mm, the depth of the seat surface should be between 480mm – 600mm, and the height of the seat surface should be in the range of 360mm – 430mm. The height of the sofa should be in line with the height of the knee bend for comfort. Height of sofa back of a chair is to design according to lumbar curve, below scapula of waist above must have support point ability to let the body relax. If the sofa is too low and soft, people sitting on it is easy to sink into the whole body, which can also affect the health of the spine. Especially is in the growth and development stage of children, may therefore appear hunchback or scoliosis, and the elderly are more likely to make back disease aggravation.

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