Do all hospitals have reception desks? What are the requirements for the desk?

  Generally speaking, all hospitals have medical guide, medical guide is very important for the hospital, medical guide can not only improve the service efficiency of the hospital, but also timely and effectively solve the problems encountered by patients, the main service object of the medical guide is the patient and their families, so what are the specific requirements of the medical guide?
  1. Providing good service
  DaoYi service platform is designed for the patient and family, although the service ability is limited, but the service effect is very good, a lot of the great hall of the hospital is the place that take the door DaoYi, DaoYi can have very good consultation and guidance effect, such as the patient can’t find the clinic, patients do not understand the doctor’s process, DaoYi can provide services.
  Two, to have the ability to observe
  The work of the guide desk requires that nurses must have good observation ability, which can accurately grasp the information of patients and provide the information needed by patients in time. This kind of observation ability needs to be exercised. Through long-term exercise, work efficiency can be improved, patients can be better served, and hospital work efficiency can be improved.
  Three, to have a medical furniture medical staff professional quality
  The nurse of the guide desk must have the professional quality of a professional medical staff, which requires that the nurse must have basic medical knowledge, know everything about the hospital, be patient and careful to the patients, and be willing to serve the public wholeheartedly to face the patients. So we can communicate well with patients.
  The hospital is a guide desk, and the hospital must have a guide desk, the role of the guide desk is not negligible, the nurse of the guide desk must have the spirit of service, have the ability to observe and professional professionalism, so as to do a good job of the guide desk.

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