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Many customers think that it takes too long to customize hospital furniture. If they fully understand the cycle of solid wood bank furniture customization, they will understand that solid wood customization really takes such a long time, because the production of solid wood hospital furniture is very complicated, which is completely different from the previous board type hospital furniture. For quality and quantity and custom log hospital furniture, the production cycle takes about 50 days. Because the production cycle of log furniture is too long, so that there are a lot of other products to give you a choice, the following is the recommendation of the country furniture network for log water-based paint office furniture custom cycle.

So is custom-made, so after the set up requirements, hospital furniture to need with corresponding wood parts, such as you then need to arrange order, almost every day for factory is very busy, so in the corresponding procedures in place after the water-based paint furniture is comparative high, so the technology is greater than the time needed for contrast, you then need to place the water paint dry for a period of time and deodorant to ensure convenient for time, Quality assurance.

Therefore, for a hospital furniture company that needs to repair logs, you can start looking for a suitable hospital furniture factory one and a half months in advance. In the case of 11 long holidays, the corresponding production cycle will be extended by several days. That is to say, the above situation makes the log hospital furniture customization needs as long as more than 50 days of production cycle.

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