customization of hospital furniture

The popularity of customization of hospital furniture products indicates that customization service has gone down the top of the pyramid and started to compete in the mass market. For the young enterprise of hospital furniture customization industry, how to manage user demand scientifically? How to resolve the contradiction between customized services and economies of scale? Service can be customized. This new marketing model, which is called “modern customized marketing” and takes personalized service as the core, has been welcomed by people in recent years. After the promotion of “modern elements”, this traditional marketing model greatly meets the needs of consumers, improves the market competitiveness of modern enterprises, and creates a new way to win profits.

With market segmentation and consumption upgrading, today’s customized services have bid farewell to the ranks of high-end garments and jewelry customization, and have begun to shift to the mass market, the most typical of which is medical furniture industry. At present, more and more medical furniture manufacturers and operators provide consumers with a full range of customized services, including planning, design, production, installation, etc., which are welcomed by consumers. To meet the needs of consumers, improve the market competitiveness of modern enterprises, created a new way to win profits.

China’s medical furniture industry has been developing for 30 years, during which the consumer behavior and psychology are also undergoing profound changes. Chinese consumers have changed their pursuit of beautification of life from product functions. Personalized, comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and intelligent products and services are favored by more and more customers. Ripeness in part. Regional market, diversified values and personalized lifestyle have begun to take shape, someone defined this period as the “life style era”. China’s medical furniture market has also entered the era of “big medical furniture”, and the medical furniture industry has become an important carrier to lead and represent the lifestyle.

At present, there is such a consumer group in the domestic hospital furniture market: they are mostly 25-35 years old, can accept new ideas, willing to pursue product quality and certain artistic enjoyment within the scope of their ability, but their purchasing ability is limited, and they have urgent needs for reasonable optimization of the living room space. This is a terminal market with certain requirements for product quality and brand, and it is also a market gap that has not been fully concerned.

Consumers choose customized medical furniture products because, on the one hand, it is difficult to find personalized products in line with their own needs in the market, and on the other hand, it is due to the house type and their preference for high-quality products. Take the furniture category in the medical furniture industry as an example. At present, the share of domestic customized furniture in the entire furniture market is only about 10%, but with the advent of the personalized era, the development space of the entire customized furniture industry will expand rapidly.

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