Children’s Medical Furniture Equipment Requirements

As we all know, medical furniture is very different from ordinary furniture, especially for children’s hospital furniture, and there are many different local furniture from other suitable furniture. In terms of equipment, children’s medical furniture focuses on function, application, safety and beauty. All are still relatively different. Let’s take a look!

Children’s medical furniture equipment requirements, multi – function

Much function sex points to the key that furniture of medical equipment uses the other half is medical personnel namely, should accord with the safe operation regulation of medical personnel and forward operation flow. In addition to the durability of the furniture in the treatment room, we should also consider the characteristics of the laboratory furniture, including corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and so on. Under the cabinet of the treatment room, the nursing staff according to their height standard needs, the operation process often drop their heads, so the infusion basket is added to reduce the difficulty coefficient of use, taking into account the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion. Treatment bed, choose PP material hard wrapped bed mat, avoid environmental pollution into, easy to clean and take care of, and do some storage cabinets, flexible use of indoor space.

Children’s medical furniture equipment requirements two, practicality

The hospital should not only deal with patients and clans, but also coordinate the results of inspection and consultation. The bar planning ensures a look around and advances the understanding of patients. In terms of overall planning, a guardrail was made to prevent patients from climbing. In the flask area, the spacing cloth sofa is selected, which has a large indoor space and a fixed infusion stand, which deals with the trouble in the use of traditional mobile and surgical infusion stand and avoids some safety risks together. Phone bells are installed beside the bottles, so parents don’t have to go back and forth to the nursing station to call the nursing staff. Hospital beds in ensuring patients and parents happy together, but also make the ward not messy. Furniture for children, including tables, chairs and dining tables, and a sun shed, is provided in and outside the ward.

Children’s medical furniture equipment requirements three, safety

There are many safety issues for children in hospitals, and furniture is one of them. From the point of view of environmental protection, all the plates should meet the requirements of EO level, together with the requirements of the company to have ISO qualification certificate, together with the quality of national specifications. Medical equipment furniture safety setting, to smooth, robust, avoid bevel, sharp, to prevent children knock injury. Assume that children can go through the human body, and the head can not go through, that will lead to children’s room, the results are very serious, together to ensure that furniture can not have gaps, can not have raised bolts and so on. We are in the circular arc that the respect such as table of small stage, waiting chair, go to a doctor uses, its corner undertook package with plastic, the safety that this kind of respect considers children.

Children’s medical furniture equipment requirements four, beauty

Therefore, it is necessary to flexibly use the VI system of our hospital. Medical equipment furniture should fully consider the beauty of the function together with the overall planning style, with the overall environment of the hospital, color distribution planning style should be consistent. Also should consider the general color psychology request, reflects the hospital art.

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