What are the characteristics of hospital treatment cabinets?

The treatment room and disposal room are used for medical treatment, such as dressing change, anti-inflammatory, dressing, etc. The patient enters the treatment room himself or with the help of others. Doctors or nurses work together to make patients sit, lie or take special positions according to their needs.

The treatment cabinet is generally used in hospitals, clinics, experimental institutions and other areas. Hospital treatment cabinets are also called medical cabinets, medical storage cabinets, medical cabinets, etc. Among them, there are hanging treatment cabinets and vertical treatment cabinets. Species. The material is made of steel, wood, glass, etc. The medical treatment cabinet is customized for use by hospital staff. Hospital furniture features: Made of high-quality electrolytic steel plate or wooden board, embedded for easy fixing and resistance to cleaning. Convenient for equipment management, cleanliness, suitable for various medical functions, and meet cleanliness standards.

It is generally applicable to various hospitals, research institutes, colleges, health care communities, pharmacies, and clinics. In short, the medical equipment cabinets used in large hospitals are based on the basic purpose of patient fit, so that patients feel comfortable. This also shows that for medical device manufacturers, our largest end customer base is still directed to major hospitals.

Medical cabinets are generally close to the ground cabinets, with more design space and flexible use of multiple storage spaces.

The hospital treatment cabinet has double-opening sliding doors or sliding doors. The inner horizontal and vertical partitions are designed according to different uses, which is convenient for medical staff to access various surgical experiment series supplies as required. The inner body design is simple and reasonable. According to the needs of customers, various medical device cabinets of various sizes that meet the requirements of clean operating rooms are mainly equipment cabinets, medicine cabinets with drawers, instrument cabinets with drawers, slide cabinets, slicing cabinets, and wax cabinets. Intensive medicine cabinet, aseptic cabinet, fumigation cabinet, disinfection cabinet, injection cabinet, door shoe cabinet, locker, western medicine cabinet, etc .

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