Basic design principles of medical furniture nurse station (2)

  The formal design of the nurse station:
  The nurse station itself comes in three forms: open, semi-open and closed.
  The open type means that the nursing station is not separated from other parts of the nursing unit.
  Closed is the design of the nurse station in a closed room;
  The semi-open is somewhere in between.
  Design direction of nurse station:
  Nowadays, the design scheme is full of flowers, many design fashion has been introduced into the design scheme of hospital outpatient nurse station, which produces a new climate for hospital outpatient service. No matter how it is, the convenience of the nurse station is the key, which is reflected in two aspects: the first is the application of medical staff, and the second is the application of patients. Medical personnel’s application should be reflected in the definition of small system partition convenient, convenient, standard as much storage space as possible; Make sure that patients or relatives are comfortable standing, taking into account the applicable rules for nurses station inquiries, etc. Natural, convenient applications for the disabled should be indispensable.
  Internal location of the nurse station:
  1. The nurse station is located in the middle of the nursing unit
  This arrangement takes the nurse station as the core, and all the wards are arranged around the nursing unit. It is characterized by reasonable nursing radius of nursing unit, medical staff can easily reach each ward, convenient observation of patients. This arrangement is suitable for strip nurse station plane and is widely used in practical engineering.
  2. The nurse station is scattered inside the nursing unit
  There are two or more nurse stations in one nursing unit, which are divided into several different nursing groups. The nurse station is closely connected with the ward. This mode has the shortest nursing distance and the highest efficiency. However, as more nursing staff are needed, the management of medical staff is more demanding. This way is common in some large hospitals abroad.
  Nurse station is the field of nursing personnel office, let the nursing staff from the daily busy work of its characters, the nurse station dozen lead to system software with high efficiency, high quality nursing service for 24 hours, it’s rules on furniture design scheme of the pursuit of perfect sound, the role of the system software, Ensure that the nurse station to pursue perfect, high efficiency, safety of medical care.

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