Analysis of medical furniture – medical cabinet configuration scheme

  Ordinary people do not know much about medical furniture configuration, for staff in the hospital how many will still know some, perfect and efficient hospital furniture configuration scheme for hospital staff’s work is very important, in today, Shanghai yu cypress medical small make up to you to introduce about the medical use of traditional Chinese medicine cabinet furniture configuration, What kind of help and effect does it have on the work of medical staff?
  Medical furniture of form a complete set – medical condole ark, condole ark, such as treatment drug condole ark, condole ark: it can be placed more drugs, and effectively improve the rate of drug storage and usage, and medical condole ark inside have different interval function, prevent cross infection drugs and other items, maintain internal security cabinet clean environment. The medical hanging cabinet contains a hidden lamp groove, the light brightness is mild and white, which helps to care for our eyes, and the design of the lamp groove also reflects the concept of new design and humanity.
  Medical furniture of form a complete set – medical to counter such as ark of treatment tank, waste disposal, wine ark, work station, dispensing table: it is mainly based on hospital pharmacy therapeutic room, as well as the functions and characteristics of the treatment room and other departments, to design, want to consider to the hospital on the function level classification items clean, dirty, provide safe and clean use of the environment fundamentally. The cabinet should use high-quality moisture-proof board; Cabinet door and pumping surface can use high-quality fireproof board, can moistureproof, fire prevention and placement of cross infection, and the wear resistance of the cabinet is relatively strong; Had better be to use high grade muffler bearing guide rail and antirust easy disinfection model shake handshandle, durable door more wait for high grade hardware fittings.
  Medical furniture should be impeccable in terms of antisepsis, antifouling, acid and alkali resistance, so as to provide a safe, safe and healthy working environment for medical staff.

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