Aluminum honeycomb panel

  Aluminum honeycomb panel, suitable for civil construction, vehicle and ship decoration, etc. It is the application of aviation and aerospace materials in the field of civil architecture. The whole process is completed in the modern factory, using hot pressing technology, because of the high heat conduction value between the aluminum skin and the honeycomb, the internal and external aluminum skin thermal expansion and contraction synchronous; Honeycomb aluminum skin has small holes, so that the gas in the plate can flow freely; The sliding mounting buckle system will not cause structural deformation during thermal expansion and contraction.
  When installing, use two sides to install, no mechanical damage. The sliding mounting buckle system allows hot expansion and cold contraction, and the slide stop at the bottom of the plate will control the expansion direction of the plate. 25MM hidden glue joint system is beautiful and has self-cleaning function. After making the box honeycomb panel, the inner and outer panels and honeycomb structure form a whole in addition, the hollow honeycomb can greatly reduce the thermal expansion of the panel body.
  Center for aluminum hexagonal honeycomb, density is small (about 3 ~ 7 kilograms per square meter), it is of the same thickness and area of 1/5 the weight of the board, 1/7 of 1/6 of the glass, aluminium, greatly reduce the construction cost of the load and, due to the intermediate sandwich contains a large amount of air, can sound insulation sound insulation quantity can reach 30 db (air), heat (thermal resistance can be up to 0.02 ㎡ (K/W)), No matter, fire rating to achieve B1 level, waterproof, moistureproof, without harmful gas release, unit quality is higher than strength, specific stiffness (stiffness for rib 1.7 times), is not easy to deformation, completely overcome the other decorative among single block area of large deformation, subsidence shortcomings, such as processing and application is convenient, can be arbitrary cut frilled edge, The surface fluorocarbon coating can ensure the product life of more than 30 years, the surface of aluminum honeycomb panel has a very high flatness, good seismic performance, only one eighth of the proportion of glass curtain wall; 22mm thick standard parts in 1 m simply supported, deflection is 10mm when the load can reach more than 700 kg force.

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