Aluminum Alloy Honeycomb Panel Surface Treatment Process

Aluminum alloy honeycomb panel surface treatment process, surface etching texture process

Metal etching is a technology that removes materials through chemical reactions or physical impacts. Aluminum alloy etching decoration through the material surface corrosion of concave and convex three-dimensional decorative patterns or words, can flexibly present different levels of bending or radian. It is not easy to deform and is suitable for engraving and printing processing of personalized products.

Aluminum alloy honeycomb panel surface treatment process, surface finishing texture process

1, polishing is to get a smooth surface or mirror luster for the purpose, sometimes also used to eliminate luster (extinction). Polished aluminum has excellent reflectance over a wide wavelength range, making it suitable for a variety of decorative and reflective uses. Its natural surface state has a pleasant appearance. It is soft, shiny, and can be colored or textured for aesthetic purposes.

2, sandblasting in aluminum alloy material nameplate often use sandblasting surface treatment. Sandblasting on the surface of aluminum alloy materials can obtain a relatively soft surface finish and roughness, and obtain film light decoration or surface effect with fine reflection surface, often as the background decoration of relief graphics.

3, drawing aluminum alloy wire drawing process, can clearly show every fine silk mark, so that aluminum alloy in the matte out of the fine hair luster, products both fashion and sense of science and technology. Common aluminum alloy surface wire drawing effect can be divided into straight wire drawing, random wire drawing and spiral wire drawing.

4, embossing through the pressing process in aluminum alloy material product surface to get the required texture.

Aluminum alloy honeycomb panel surface treatment process three, anodic oxidation coloring process

The fresh oxide film of aluminum and its alloy obtained by anodic oxidation blowing has strong adsorption capacity, and can be coated with a variety of bright colors after a certain process, which can beautify the surface of aluminum products, and increase the corrosion resistance of the oxide film.

According to the different distribution of coloring substances and pigments in oxide film, it can be divided into natural hair color, electrolytic coloring and dyeing methods. In the natural hair color method, the color of the oxide film is obtained at the same time of anodic oxidation and electrolysis. And coloring and dyeing are in the anodic oxide film after the preparation of color.

Aluminum alloy honeycomb panel surface treatment process four, surface plating

The surface corrosion resistance and surface decoration of aluminum alloy can be improved by surface plating. Because aluminum is a typical amphoteric metal, it will react violently with acid and base, which makes it much more difficult to electroplate aluminum than steel substrate and requires some special treatment.

Compared with anodic oxidation of electroplated aluminum alloy, its coating color is very limited. Electroplating is generally copper nickel chromium plating, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, general automobile, bathroom, lighting, furniture and so on. At present, plating surface decoration cost is relatively high. Decorative electroplating processing of aluminum alloy surface mainly uses polishing, electrolytic oxidation and coloring plating of copper, nickel, chromium and other decorative coatings such as imitation gold. Roller coating is a paint coating process, is through a rubber roller or steel roller, the paint is coated on the surface of the aluminum plate. The coating is smooth and arranged, and finally evenly transferred to the moving steel belt and then cured, so as to paint in the way of organic solid protective film of steel molecules.

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