Wood like aluminum honeycomb panel

The wood texture is transferred to the aluminum honeycomb board by the processes of heat transfer printing, roll coating and film covering. Wood grain mapping can be divided into planar wood grain mapping and 3D wood grain mapping. The wood grain texture is clear and the effect is realistic. The quality of wood grain aluminum honeycomb board is about 211kg / m3, which is 1 / 13 of building gypsum, 1 / 15 of ordinary cement, 1 / 2 of ordinary honeycomb board, and less than 1 / 2 of wood. Taking the 18 mm thick wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel as an example, the area density is only 3.8 kg / m2; Compared with the bending stiffness (the ratio of bending stiffness to bulk density), the bending capacity of 18 mm thick fireproof honeycomb plate is equivalent to that of 4 mm thick aluminum plate, and it can resist flexible impact. Aluminum honeycomb panel is an ideal choice for large-scale projects due to its light weight, good toughness, high strength and good sound and heat insulation performance. Moreover, the installation methods of aluminum honeycomb panel are diversified, which can be used for heavy ceiling design and maintenance.