Screen table set

The screen frame and top frame are 26mm thick. o The thickness of the upper and lower grooves and the upper and lower grooves of the hanging buckle is 22mm. There are two options for aluminum profiles: oxidized silver and dark iron gray spraying. The board adopts 18mm solid triamine board or chuanghua board. The line box is 45mm thick, shared on both sides, and there is a branching groove to separate the strong and weak currents, and the lines can be routed on and off the stage. The minimum hole diameter of the threading hole is 80mm x 16mm, and there is a vertical wire box, which can be used for vertical wiring. Stationery pendant aluminum troughs can be configured on the table, and decorative skirting boards can be configured at the bottom of the table. The recommended maximum height of the screen is 1.8 meters. The aluminum profile is made by the famous brand companies Fenglu and Xinhe. It is not mixed with any waste aluminum and aluminum. The surface treatment is first-class, and it will not change color or black after repeated friction. The profile has high strength and strong elasticity after bending test. The quality is stable and excellent. According to the force requirements of each part, the thickness of the aluminum material ranges from 1.2-1.5mm. The board mainly adopts the E1 grade environmental protection board of the industry’s high-end brand standard company. The fabric adopts Taiwan Tiida fabric. Original connection structure, simple and convenient installation.