Punching aluminum honeycomb plate

The perforated sound-absorbing honeycomb aluminum plate adopts “honeycomb sandwich” structure, which is a composite plate made of high-strength perforated aluminum plate coated with decorative coating with excellent weather resistance and aluminum honeycomb core by high temperature and high pressure.
The structure of perforated sound-absorbing honeycomb aluminum plate is perforated panel and perforated back plate. The aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure is directly bonded by high-quality adhesive and aluminum honeycomb core, and a layer of sound-absorbing non-woven fabric is pasted on the back plate of aluminum honeycomb plate. Because the honeycomb core in the honeycomb aluminum plate is divided into many closed chambers, the air flow is prevented, the sound wave is hindered, the sound absorption coefficient is improved (can reach more than 0.9), and the strength of the plate is improved, so that the size of a single plate can be larger, and the design freedom is further increased. According to the indoor acoustic design, different perforation rate can be designed, and the sound absorption coefficient of the composite structure can be controlled within a certain range, which can not only achieve the design effect, but also reasonably control the cost. The maximum perforation rate is less than 30%. The aperture is generally ∮ 2.0, ∮ 2.5, ∮ 3.0 and other specifications. The perforation requirements of the back panel are the same as those of the panel. The sound-absorbing cloth is made of German kedebao non-woven sound-absorbing cloth and other sound-absorbing materials.