Aluminum honeycomb plate with column

The aluminum honeycomb panel with post is a composite honeycomb structure, which is made of preformed box panel and back panel and aluminum alloy honeycomb core by hot pressing. Light weight, that is, the bulk density (apparent density) is small, about 211kg / m3, which is 1 / 13 of building gypsum, 1 / 15 of ordinary cement, 1 / 2 of ordinary honeycomb board, and less than 1 / 2 of wood. Taking 18mm thick fireproof honeycomb board as an example, the area density is only 3.8kg/m2; Compared with the bending stiffness (the ratio of bending stiffness to bulk density), the bending capacity of 18 mm thick fireproof honeycomb plate is equivalent to that of 4 mm thick aluminum plate, and it can resist flexible impact.